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The Finest Turnouts Made

Important Please Read 

It is our intention at Railway Engineering to eliminate as many of the frustrating aspects of Model Railroading as possible in our products. This policy governs the development and production of each item ... start to finish.

For best results with our trackage, you, the modeler, should check and set all of your wheel sets with an N M R A gauge. Our turnouts are built to operate with wheel sets of this dimension.

Wheel gauge, stiff truck swivel and low coupler pins are the main derailment culprits we have encountered in over 45 years of Model Railroading.

...... Click ..... Click .... the little stand throws the switch points and holds them in place with spring pressure. There you have it. A neat looking little switch stand that really works. ........ we call them "Hand-Stands"
Hon3 $11.95
Sn3 $12.95
On3 $14.95
With round or diamond targets
Add $4.00 for frog contacts